We get it - There are a lot of dance studios & Each has a different vibe.

so What exactly makes our unique?

  • We only teach age appropriate material. We're mindful and protective of what our dancers wear in class and on stage. Our studio may be considered a little more conservative, but that's ok. That's our style.

  • While we teach the physical skills of dance, we also instill a passion for creative and critical thinking.

  • The right mix of fun and discipline allows every student to learn and be comfortable on his or her level.

  • Our studio environment is inclusive and welcoming with a culture of kindness and joy through dance.

We hope you'll join us in our new location! 

DANCE brings so much JOY to life!


Our Mission

Our vision is to offer our community enjoyable classes for all ages, abilities and levels of commitment. We will provide a safe and inclusive environment with our encouraging approach to teaching the art of dance. 


We have someone at the front desk to answer questions. We know you are busy and we want you to feel well informed. MDA always will let you know of any upcoming events well in advance. We will post information at the studio, send you an email, post on Facebook, plus our team uses the Team App for communication. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. We are here for you. 


We have fun in class with our syllabus in mind. We carefully plan each class using modern yet modest choreography and music in our curriculum. Each student is equally important: from our early stages to our more serious competitive advanced dancers. Our parents are pleased with the progression from year to year.


Our recitals are the best in the Mid-Ohio valley. Every student is well prepared and confident, which is what we love to do - nurture happy confident kids! You can truly see them shine on stage. Our shows move quickly and are very entertaining. We don't separate our tiny tots from the seniors. You get to see all ages and levels. Parents of the little ones appreciate seeing the older dancers do more difficult choreography while the parents of the older students love remembering when their dancer was a pre-schooler out on stage. Everyone supports each other and enjoys the experience. 

"That was like watching a Broadway show!"
said one grandfather. What a compliment! 

  • Our students have several opportunities to perform throughout the local area. We have an optional spring recital. We perform at Marietta College basketball halftime shows, local church and business events and holiday parades.

  • Our dancers love to perform and we are always happy to provide entertainment for community events. Please contact us if your organization needs a short performance for your audience.

  • Parents can always view our classes. We have 3 viewing windows plus the waiting room has a closed circuit TV to watch classes without any disruptions to the students.

  • For the safety of our students and staff, we invested in the shock absorbing dance flooring.

  • We offer learning experiences with professional choreographers for in-house workshops for our students once or twice a year.

  • Our staff attends continuing education workshops and conventions.

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