MDA Competition Team

These dancers make an extra commitment to do what they love to do – DANCE!  Our team dancers are ages 6-18.

As they improve their skills as dancers, they also are learning many life skills: responsibility, kindness, teamwork, time management to balance dance and keep good grades in school.

 Fundraisers help pay for costumes and entry fees. We travel to 3 or 4 regional competitions and to a national competition.

We attend dance conventions and also bring in choreographers and guest teachers each year to work with our dancers.

The Dance Academy NEVER uses inappropriate music, costumes or choreography.

Email us for more information if you are interested in learning more about us.

Congratulations to our dancers who lit up the stage with their outstanding performances at Starpower Nationals in Ocean City, Maryland.

We are so incredibly proud of each of you, from our littles to our graduating senior. But success is more than just winning trophies! 
The friendships and memories we create together represent the consistent culture of MDA. Our dance families have fun together and show up to cheer for all our dancers, even if theirs isn’t on stage.
MDA families are an amazing, super fun group of adults raising outstanding daughters!
Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged our team along the way this past season.
If you supported a fundraiser, THANK YOU! If you watched and cheered for us online, THANK YOU! You are an important member of our team too, and we appreciate your support. 
Our new season will start in a couple of weeks.
Let’s keep pushing the boundaries and never stop dancing with passion and joy!
Our results:
Work It: 
-3rd overall
-Battle of the Stars Invite ⭐️
-Battle of the Stars 2nd Runner Up Champions 🏆
All Again:
-2nd overall
-Beautiful Movement Award
-Battle of Stars Invite ⭐️
-Battle of the Stars 2nd Runner Up Champions 🏆
– Choreography of the Battle 👏
-8th (out of 30!)
-“Picturesque” Award
-Invite to Battle of the Stars ⭐️
-Battle of the Stars 2nd Runner Up Champions 🏆
Find My Way Back:
-4th overall
-Battle of the Stars Invite ⭐️
Muddy Waters:
6th overall
Deeper Love:
-9th overall
-Amazing Attack Award
Spice it Up:
2nd overall
1st place (out of 62!)
3rd Place National Champion 🏆
Raegan and Jojo:
4th overall
5th (out of 87 dancers!)
Discovery Spotlight Scholarship
4th overall (out of 80!)
15th overall (out of 80!)
-9th (out of 21!)
-Living in the Moment Award
Morgan: “All Again” Choreographer of the Year for Ocean City 2023 Premier Battle ⭐️
Shout out to soloists with high scores: Elizabeth, Olivia, Jaq, and Brittney