"Everyone matters, such a loving family oriented environment." ― Denise Wheeler
"As a grandmother of one dancer, I believe that MDA is a company that shows respect for all dancers while doing a splendid job of teaching them to dance so beautifully and believe in themselves. It is truly a joy to watch them perform."  ― Loretta Niemiec
"Marietta Dance Academy has been a part of my family's life for 16 years. We began MDA with a Mommy and Me class for my oldest daughter Emilee at age 2 who couldn't even skip during the first class and has blossomed into a National Award winning champion dancer! The lessons of working hard, being a team player, being a leader, respect, love and friendship have all been learned and reiterated in my dancer's life! The self confidence of being a dancer and sharing the talent and love of dance is one that my daughter has now taken to a new level by dancing on a college dance team and being recognized for her good technique, wonderful training and love of the art. Miss Jill has been a role model, a mentor and most especially a friend to my dancers and our family. Her time, talents and knowledge of the industry is top notch and we are excited and happy to be a part of the Marietta Dance Academy FAMILY!  ❤️  "   — Tammi Bradley
"Excellent teachers and great staff participation and the students learn so much more than dance. Production is fantastic. I look forward to it each year! Hats off to this academy!"  ―  Linda Barker
"MDA has become a second family to my daughters and myself. Not only do students learn how to dance, with technique and grace, but they learn how to be a part of a team. Ms. Jill knows the dancers personally and is supportive in everything they do. She takes the time to teach each move so it is technically correct, while keeping the atmosphere fun and exciting. We truly love our dance family!" 
―Julia Brown
"I have had the privilege of being part of the Marietta Dance Academy for 16 years. It all started when my 2 year old wanted to dance & it quickly became her favorite day of the week. She loved her "Miss Jill" & wanted to be just like her. As she grew up & continued with her classes, she progressed & looked forward to working & learning with the other girls in her class. In the 4th grade, she had the honor or becoming one of the founding members of the competition team. We traveled all over Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Maryland. We became a family. Although they won lots of trophies & national awards, being on the team was more about having fun & working hard. The hardest part for my daughter about moving on to College is not being able to dance at MDA. I have never regretted my decision to send her to her "Miss Jill"."  ― Liz Kern
"My daughters danced here for 14 years. Miss Jill and her staff are second to none. Poise, integrity, respect, focus, self-confidence and commitment are only a few of the values my girls gained from MDA. The friendships and memories made at the studio will last forever." — Nikki Rake