Our team alternates years we to go travel to a national competition. We do not go to nationals the summer of 2018. 

What We've Accomplished

2017 Awards

Nationals - Myrtle Beach, SC

  • "We All Fall Down" 1st Overall Duet, National Champion
  • "Run" 1st Place Overall Solo, National Champion
  • "Charm" 1st Overall Small Group, National Champion
  • "At the Disco" 1st Overall Large Group, National Champion
  • Courtney Griffiths 1st Place Senior Photogenic Award
  • "Stompin' At the Savoy" 3rd Overall Trio
  • "River" 12th Place Overall Solo
  • "Big Girls Don't Cry" 8th Overall 
  • "Fierce" 2nd Overall
  • "A Gambler's Dream" 4th Overall
  • "Hopeful Hands" 5th Overall


Nexstar competition - Zanesville, Ohio

  • Duo "We All Fall Down" 1st Place Overall 
  • Small Group "Stompin' At the Savoy" 1st Place Overall
  • Small Group "Eve's Story" 3rd Place Overall
  • Solo "Run" 4th Place Overall
  • Solo "River" 8th Place Overall
  • Large Group "Fierce" 2nd Place Overall, Choreography Award
  • Large Group "A Gambler's Dream" 1st Place Overall, Outstanding Performance Award
  • Large Group "Hopeful Hands" 2nd Place Overall 
  • Line: "At the Disco" 1st Place Overall, Outstanding Performance Award

Starpower Competition - Charleston, WV

  • "Run" 4th Overall
  • "River" 6th Overall, Invitation to the PowerPak
  • "We All Fall Down" 1st Overall, Invitation to the PowerPak
  • "Big Girls Don't Cry" 1st Overall
  • "Eve's Story" 3rd Overall
  • "Stompin' At the Savoy" 5th Overall
  • "Fierce" 1st Overall, Star Dance Alliance Regional Champion 
  • "Hopeful Hands" 1st Overall, Star Dance Alliance Regional Champion 
  • Large Group "A Gambler's Dream" 2nd Overall, 11 & Under Entertainment Award
  • "At the Disco" 1st Overall, Entertainment Award, Star Dance Alliance Regional Champion