Happy March Birthdays!
to Mar 31

Happy March Birthdays!

Monroe Misel            3/4

Riley Windland         3/5

Eve Faust                 3/6

Annalynn Warner      3/8

Karinna Caldwell       3/9

Haley Wilkinson        3/9

Riley Dunbarger        3/10

Callie Huffman           3/10

Constance Warner     3/10

Maggie McKown         3/11

Gabrielle Bradley        3/14

Kari Bauerbach           3/15

Lindsey Hartlne         3/15


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Parent Participation Week
to Mar 1

Parent Participation Week

Each student can bring their mom, dad, grandparent or guardian to dance class. Family member can wear something comfortable that is easy to move in and socks instead of street shoes. We will do partner activities and across the floor work and learn a short combo.

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Crazy Sock Week
to Nov 16

Crazy Sock Week

All students are invited to wear their crazy mismatched socks to dance class. We ask students to donate a minimum of $1.00 with all proceeds going to the Gospel Mission Food Pantry in Marietta. 

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Bring-a-Friend / Trick-or-Treat Week
to Oct 31

Bring-a-Friend / Trick-or-Treat Week

All students can bring a friend who is close to their age to class for our Trick-or-Treat dances, games and treats. Goodies to share are welcome. (no snacks containing nuts, please.) Students are asked to pick up an invitation for their friend at the front desk.

We look forward to a fun week making new friends! 


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