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Mommy & Me

MOMMY & ME (30 minute) This course is offered each spring and fall. This 5 week course is for children 18 months-3 years with an adult. Creative movement, pre-ballet and tumbling basics along with other parent/child activities uses colorful, educational props. 

This is a perfect class for the child who may not be ready to take class on his or her own yet.  

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Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots (30 minute) is a class specifically for Toddlers. This class introduces movement with music. Learning with playful, fun activities. 

This class is for the tiny tot who is ready to take class without an adult.


Intro to Dance

INTRO TO DANCE (45 minute) for 3 + 4 year olds. Tap, ballet and basic tumbling / acrobatic fundamentals are taught each week in class. Group activities will help build confidence and social skills. Learning to stand in line, listening to the teacher, following directions, taking turns and cooperating with a partner is accomplished at this age, all while learning to love to dance! 

This class participates in the spring recital. One costume will be needed. 

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Kinder Combo

KINDER COMBO (75 minute) for kindergarten & 1st grade age. This class includes ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatic and tumbling skills. If the teacher wants to focus on a learning a particular new step or trick, all four subjects may not get covered. But we try to do all four each week in class. 

This class participates in the spring recital. A two-in-one costume will be chosen for the class. 

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BALLET is the basis of all forms of dance, characterized by grace and precision of movement through studying specific exercises. Beautiful body alignment and poise are developed. Our ballet program blends the French, Russian and Italian (Cecchetti) methods as well as contemporary styles of Ballet. Pointe can begin after the age of 10 or 11 by invitation of the teacher. Proper alignment is crucial for correct muscular development and for protecting the joints from injury. Proper fitting shoes are mandatory for pointework. Pointe students must also take a ballet class each week. 

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TAP is rhythms of sounds made by the feet in tap shoes. Broadway style is more a musical theater presentation. Hoofing style is more stomp style. Both are fun ways to tap dance! Coordination, balance and musicality are acquired. 

This class participates in the spring recital. 

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JAZZ class is a fun, energetic class. With music styles ranging from hip-hop to show tunes, the beat alone will get you moving. Our jazz classes begins with a cardio warm-up, then stretching and isolations. We do choreography and finish with an across the floor combination. Jazz shoes are required because we do turns and leaps in class. 

This class participates in the spring recital. 

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Contemporary & Lyrical

LYRICAL is a graceful combination of modern, jazz and ballet. Contemporary style has less restricted lines and can be a powerful fusion of styles. They both combine fluid styles of contemporary ballet and modern with turns, jumps, leaps from jazz. They interpret and express the emotions of the music. The dancer feels a connection to the song and tells a story to the audience. Lyrical students must also take a ballet class each week. 

This class participates in the spring recital. 


Tumbling and Acro

Our classes (45 minutes) start with a warm up, then we work with each student covering their appropriate level of skill. Rolls, splits, cartwheels, round offs, front & back walkovers, handsprings and tucks. 

We have proper mats and spotting equipment for the safety of our students. 

This class participates in the spring recital. A t-shirt is the "costume" for this class worn with a pair of dark shorts. 

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Turns, Leaps, Tricks


This supplemental technique class focuses on improving elements needed in more advanced jazz and contemporary choreography. Students will strengthen their skill level. 


Stretch, Flex, Condition

This supplemental technique class is a vital addition to the more serious dancer's regimen. Safe stretching improves flexibility and strengthening the core and legs creates a better overall dancer.  

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Musical Theater

This 5 week course is offered in the spring and fall. Students learn steps and choreography that will help the performer feel more confident on stage while singing and dancing. 

This is the perfect class for actors who want to become a triple threat.